by butimfrost

Trends.  Something that comes along and it catches on fire like a wild fire in Colorado (to soon? Sorry!).  Recent trends: Hipsters, ‘nerdy’ things, horrible instagram photography, etc..  But just because something is a trend doesn’t make it the reason why some people pick to use or be apart of this certain area in today’s cultures.

For instances.  I LOVE video games. I LOVE Star Wars, and LoTR, and Star Trek, and anything Batman.  But I like these things because I was raised on them.  Before I could even talk (I didn’t start talking until about 2-3ish), I was playing on the Playstation or N64 or NES with my brothers.  And since then, I’ve enjoyed them.  It’s a fire that has never died down.  I grew up on Star Wars, and LoTR, and Batman, and other superheros.  My grandfather (an 88 year old man now, he was around 74 at the time), was the reason why I sparked a love with Pokemon, and was why I ran to get Pokemon Y when it came out.  These things have things I’ve done before I could fully understand WHY they were so much fun.    I got into them because it was the one thing in my chaotic children that brought laughter and love and happiness, instead of grief and sadness.  I got into them because it was a special time to be around my Grandfather and hang out with him.  It was fun going to Walmart to pick up packs of Pokemon cards with him, and have him go through them with him as he told me which ones to use and which ones not to.  

I didn’t develope a love for the ‘Nerd’ culture because all of a sudden it is the trendy thing to do.  I developed a love because it’s a culture that I was raised on.   And this doesn’t make me a ‘hipster’ or a ‘bandwagon’ jumper, and I’m certainly not another a ‘gamer gurl, lolilovepikachu’.  It makes me a human.  That loves to game, table top or video it doesn’t matter.  It means I love to be around those who share the same strong bond with these things as I do.   

Being into things that are common among the overall population doesn’t mean you have to be into them for the sake of fighting in and being ‘trendy’.  You can enjoy anything.  Anywhere. At any time.  It annoys me that we can’t simply enjoy things without be labeled as something else. 


Just some food for thought.  The next time you want to judge the reason why people are doing the things they are doing. Simply for the sake of fitting in to the mold that society has built for them.  Remember, they might be doing it for a whole other reason. Trends fade in and out.  The true fans of the current fad will love and support their favorite things after the media fire has died down.